~ On the Road to Salmo, B.C. ~

We left WHISTLER exactly at 6:03 p.m., drove south towards VANCOUVER, then along Highway 3 to PRINCETON where we booked the Sandman Inn for the night. (Dogs allowed!) After a decent night’s sleep, a walk with Donner the dog, we drove into the little town of PRINCETON for a picnic brunch in their little garden central. I waited outside with Donner, while they went into … Continue reading ~ On the Road to Salmo, B.C. ~

~ Pineapple Mango Gazpacho ~

gaz·pa·cho a Spanish-style soup made from tomatoes and other vegetables and spices, served cold. I forgot what Gazpacho meant, so checked it out… the following recipe isn’t a soup, but it is a mélange (mixture) of vegys and fruit and it is served cold. Found this Recipe “Pineapple Mango Gazpacho” on “FullyRawKristina” and man, am I glad I found it!! This is seriously so scrumptious, I … Continue reading ~ Pineapple Mango Gazpacho ~

~ Just Go With the Flow ~

…here comes another road trip to Salmo, the Kootenays, Eastern British Columbia, Canada….. another memorial soccer camp, the 10th one actually…. it’s this little camp we put on for the kids every August, it’s the place my husband grew up… …now, we should have been on the road much sooner, but there were still too many things to do….grocery shopping, invoices to drop off, packing … Continue reading ~ Just Go With the Flow ~

~ Potatoe Salad from the Green Moustache ~

Oh finally….. I’m back on my blog…. I have missed you sooooo much, soooo badly!!! My taxes took over my life there a few weeks back and then I started working at the Green Moustache to experiment with my work situation. So I actually started working more, which is not quite what I wanted!!  Then I didn’t have time to blog, or keep up with … Continue reading ~ Potatoe Salad from the Green Moustache ~

~ Chickpea Salad or Cabbage Salad ~

Monday nights were always “Deutsches Abendbrot”, a german style dinner with breads, cheeses, meats, pickles, cucumbers and some other vegys cut up…. but it too has been veganized! Now, one of my favourites I like to serve, is from, you guessed it, “Oh She Glows”…. the Chickpea Salad.  A must to keep in your fridge!! This salad would  be awesome to bring along for a … Continue reading ~ Chickpea Salad or Cabbage Salad ~

~ Creamy Avocado-Potatoe Salad ~

I’ve made this twice now and will definitely make it again …. an excellent salad and addition to your meal! Or take it along to a Potluck!  So incredibly delicious! I was eating it out of the bowl before I could get it to the table!  I just love the lemon-dill-avocado flavour of the dressing and I definitely love asparagus! I followed this recipe out of … Continue reading ~ Creamy Avocado-Potatoe Salad ~