Even though I absolutely love my German heritage, I didn’t know that eating meat and dairy products had such harmful consequences.  I will always love my Germany, that will never stop, but eating meat and dairy products has stopped! I grew up in a household of meat and potatoes and my mother did an incredible job preparing all the meals from scratch, baking from scratch, so much so, that I first learned what Kraft Dinner was when I was 23 years old!  I loved baking, still do, but now I use oils, or apple sauce, or vegan butter instead of butter from cow’s milk, and flax eggs instead of chicken eggs. I have to say I always felt a little weird eating meat, but wasn’t sure why. I have always had a very strong love for animals, but unfortunately, never put the two together! I feel badly, I do! I wish I would have gone vegan years ago, and raised my children as vegans, but at least I am doing it NOW! My son has given up meat (his decision, and he never did drink cow’s milk), and my daughter (thank you a million times) is the one who introduced me to “Foods Inc.”, which is when after watching this film, I became a vegetarian (I haven’t bought or prepared meat since March 2014, my husband has to prepare his own meat if he wishes)…. then 1 1/2 yrs later, she introduced me to “Cowspiracy”, which is when I whole-heartedly decided to go vegan for the rest of my life!!  And we just happened to be on a cruise at this time, so as you can imagine, my outlook towards the buffet in the windjammer was pretty gruesome. But we found lots of juicy, crispy vegys to eat with rice or potatoes, tons of fruit and sometimes even cooked vegys. One restaurant was very glad to prepare us a vegan meal with a vegan dessert!  and we had vegy sushi rolls too! It is possible, just ask!

This blog is and will be my journey, my adventures, my experience in eating the best foods possible, sharing this with others and doing what I can to get the word out there and helping the Animals! It is not necessary to eat meat and dairy products, in fact, it is harmful to our health! It is harmful to our planet, and to our precious animals. They are living beings who just want to live and be free! The cruelty these animals are receiving is devastating! I am ashamed to call myself a human with all this corruption, all in the name of money! I have always said to my children, help the powerless, help the needy, be it a child, an old person, a street person, an animal….help them… be kind!  These animals are screaming out for our help…. they don’t want to be beaten, kicked, punched, branded, scalded, skinned, electrocuted, imprisoned, taken from their mothers, hung upside down to bleed to death…. please help them, please help me spread the word!

Thank you for visiting my blog! I am grateful! 🙂

…my yummy banana bread…



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