~ HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018! ~


Wishing you ALL an AMAZING and EXCITING 2018…. Let’s start with GOOD HEALTH and HAPPINESS because without this ….What do we have???

It is difficult to do anything when one is in pain, or you are dealing with some kind of discomfort, and I know, we all go through it at certain times in our lives, but if we all concentrate on our bodies and what we put into them, I believe we can live a much HEALTHIER life, a more harmonious and peaceful life …. and with that comes HAPPINESS …. and if we can spread some KINDNESS throughout our DAY, we can spread those good vibes … sometimes, all it needs is a smile, or to open a door for someone, or to give a compliment, help a neighbour … there are so many ways …..

I feel very LUCKY and just simply want to share with you some AWESOME MEMORIES in the past 2 days with all this snow we’ve been having! We did not have much snow in the month of December and for a Resort Town, that is not the best! So the snow finally came and it looks amazing! I was lucky to ski for 4 hours yesterday, the last day of the Year and my First Day of the Season!

…  Good Vibes to Everyone, to  ALL  LIVING  BEINGS! Much Love and Peace and Good Moments …. for TODAY  IS  THE  DAY” …. Let’s Celebrate!




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