~ A Beautiful Quiet Little Christmas in 2017 ~

 Let’s start with the night before the 24th and enjoy the Potato-Vegetable Soup …


… and then some Oreo Chickpea Brownies which is a recipe I found from “Vegan-twiceasnice“. I thought they were quite yummy and not too sweet, but moist and tasty, and actually good for you with the chickpeas and dates and oats!

My son and I had a beautiful Christmas together ….

We started on the 24th with an awesome dinner of Tofurky (Ham Style Roast) by Hub and man, was it ever good! There was a glaze to pour over the Tofurky in the last 15 min of it being in the oven. This was my first Tofurky I’ve ever made and I was pleasantly surprised! My son, however, did not like it! But I do like the fact that there’s 135% B12 in a serving of this tofu! Should have made him the Gardein Crispy Tenders!

… I also made mashed potatoes, broccoli, carrots and peas … one of my son’s favourite meals …

After a delicious dinner together, we opened a few gifts and envelopes … we celebrate on the 24th since we are German …. “Frohe Weihnachten!” …. our atmosphere was so beautiful with all the candles ….. the fire going, the tree and all the animals tucked in safe and sound …

… and now, the Chocolate Cake with a Raspberry Middle! I love this CAKE. My son’s friend, Jacopo, compared it to the Sacher Torte in Europe and yes, it does look like it!

I made the CAKE before dinner so it could cool, and I could cut the cake smoothly. Then spread RASPBERRY JAM, lots, on the first layer, put the top on and spread the ICING all over! Mmmmm, So Good!!  Then added scoops of ICE-CREAM and cut up PEARS … and then, I just had to watch “Charlie Brown’s Christmas“, a cartoon I use to watch as a little girl …..

I do hope Everyone had an amazing Christmas Time together! Lots of Love, Health and Happiness all around… to Everyone Everywhere!!! May all Living Beings be Free from Suffering and Pain, and May all Living Beings live in Peace and Harmony!

2 thoughts on “~ A Beautiful Quiet Little Christmas in 2017 ~

    1. Yes they are! And so yummy! Unfortunately, my son doesn’t like dates, but I thought I’d throw some chocolate chips in there next time and see if he might eat them then. Thanks for the great recipe! I will definitely be making them again!


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