~ A Beautiful little Town called San Sebastian del Oeste~

One of our DAY trips, while we were in Puerto Vallarta for the week, was to visit San Sebastian del Oeste, a beautiful old town in the mountains of Jalisco State in Mexico.

Formerly the town was known as Real de San Sebastián and later San Sebastián and since 1983, San Sebastián del Oeste is a village made up of ancient haciendas and century-old homes that have aged gracefully along with the surrounding mines and fields, filled with a valuable legacy of tradition and history. It was founded on January 20, 1605. I thought I would also include a very informative and interesting link to this gorgeous little Town of San Sebastian del Oeste.

We met up with the others near the Marina in Puerto Vallarta but while we were waiting for them, we crossed the street to grab a coffee and a muffin at Starbuck’s. The Muffin was amazing … made with cornmeal and oh, so moist and delicious! I was totally impressed, wish we had them here!

If I would have seen the Barra light Shop first, I would have gone there, it was the first place I had seen with the word “Vegana” on it, I was so curious, but we had to get on our way… so we jumped into the small 15 seat van and off we drove…

… up the hill into the mountains… our first Stop was to sample freshly made tortillas which were very good indeed …

My Mama Bear and I!

An Amazing Day to Be Alive!



This little kitty was gorgeous and so friendly but I realized the day after, she had given me fleas.  😦   My legs became suddenly itchy and I had about 20 or 30 little red spots from my knees down….. oh well! The itching eventually subsided.

A few steps away, the Panaderia Bakery, where I met a man who explained that some of his baking was made without butter, milk, or eggs, since I had asked him what ingredients he used for his baking. He was a very kind man and told me that he hasn’t eaten meat for quite some time. We discussed the issue of veganism and he was very interested in watching some of the documentaries and films that I had mentioned, so I wrote those down for him and also, the names of some of the vegan doctors that I follow on Youtube. The handshake I received from him was very memorable and strong and I could see in his eyes that he was very happy to have had this conversation with me!  IT MADE  MY  DAY!  🙂   Wish I had gotten a picture of him and I!

Back into the Van and off we drove, higher into the mountains until we got to the San Sebastian Tequila Factory…..

Here, we sampled 8 or 10 different tequilas and man, were they good! Needless to say, we had a lot of fun…. !

The next stop would be a Family run Coffee Factory where the sample was once again very delicious.



The first thing we did upon our arrival into our little Town was to check out the church. And we did stop in at a Restaurant before our arrival and had lunch which they provided. I didn’t eat too much since their refried beans were made with pork lard, just some vegys and rice.



After our long day visiting all these magnificent places, we headed on down the road, which didn’t end up SO great since the Road had been partially washed out and the traffic was busy, so it was a long slow drive home…

The scenery was pretty amazing that’s for sure!!!  Nothing we could do but sit back and enjoy the relaxation, time to be together with new friends and grab some contact numbers….

Back at the homestead, I had a delicious vegy soup by the oceanside! It was a fantastic DAY and I am grateful for our adventure together!

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