~ Sayulita and my Big Fat Rice Bowl ~

Sayulita is a 35 min. taxi ride from Puerta Vallarta…. well, actually we were in Nuevo Vallarta so we were already a little closer to the old surf town… our first time there. The drive was lovely, so magnificent, full of rich vegetation, such greenery, such beauty…..

The weather was once again very hot, stifling actually, kinda like walking through a sauna. 32-34 C! with a humidity of 75%, so we just walked slowly, patiently, enjoying every glimpse of eye candy. There were colours and gifts to marvel at, stores to spy into, and then the sounds and the music from all around….

After a little wandering around, we found a place near the beach, got comfy, and while getting comfy ended up buying some beautiful pants, lounge pants, from one of the vendors.

My big fat rice bowl that I had ordered was full of rice, avocados, tomatoes, beans…. it was like a bottomless pit, so yummy, SO filling…. I bought a strawberry smoothie as well and my mother ordered the avocado bagel with tomatoes. The price was right too!

What a gorgeous day with gorgeous surroundings!

I love Puerto Vallarta, it’s so beautiful, the people are so kind, I love learning the language, speaking with the people, getting to know their culture, the greenery, the weather…… I know I’m here on vacation, but I would entertain the idea of living here,  working here…. for a little bit anyway!?

After we finished our lovely little lunch, we continued to wander the streets of Sayulita….

As we strolled down one little street, I saw 2 people sitting inside a shop with their feet inside a small tank of water with teeny, tiny fish nibbling at their feet. “What is going on here?” My curiosity was too much, I just had to ask, “If you guys don’t mind me asking, what you guys doing?”  “Oh yeah”, the girl answers, “we’re exfoliating our feet, the fish eat the dead skin cells and this was on our bucket list”. She was quite happy to explain and added that, “it feels funny!” I was wondering if this was something I would try. Is this something you would try? Have you heard of this before? I’d never heard of it!

A few shops further, we found a very beautiful store with gorgeous, gorgeous pottery for the kitchen, the home, for decoration….. amazing pieces! I didn’t buy anything since I had only taken a backpack with me and it was full coming “into” Mexico. I was trying to be a minimalist with minimal clothing for 7 days in the heat! It worked, I just couldn’t bring anything back with me, that’s all. That’s ok, I have everything I need. Instead of bringing back something tangible, I have the sweetest of memories with my mama bear!

The gorgeous Beach of Sayulita!

Thank you for a beautiful visit Sayulita, we will be back!


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