~ La Trattoria at Villa del Palmar Flamingos, Puerto Vallarta ~

I feel very lucky that I was able to spend a week in Puerto Vallarta with my mother! It was a very hot week though … 32 – 34 C in fact with the humidity reaching up to 75%! Kinda like living in a sauna, so it was especially hot for my mama bear being a bit older. I mean even for me, it was uncomfortable at times, so we kept out of the sun, stayed in the shade and made sure we kept hydrated and took time to sit and chill out … a lot. Even sat for a couple of hours once in the cool lobby of the resort we were staying in.

Usually, around 4 pm, we’d hit the pool and swim around lazily, which definitely helped to cool down the body temp. We casually drifted about while our resident lizards and iguanas chewed on baby green leaves from the beautifully manicured shrubs and bushes. During the day, we were usually off discovering this little town and that little town….. and the pool was such a refreshing hit of relaxation, chill time, slow time ….

For our first dinner in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, we ate at La Trattoria at the Villa del Palmar Flamingos. I ordered a pizza, the Marguerita Pizza, except that it would have been made with cheese, so I asked them to make it without the cheese and please add another vegetable, which they did….. this was a most delicious Marguerita Pizza….. with mushrooms, tomato sauce and basil …. the crust was amazing too!

I almost ate the whole thing in one go!

…. And what a beautiful view from our table??


4 thoughts on “~ La Trattoria at Villa del Palmar Flamingos, Puerto Vallarta ~

    1. Ya, it’s the Villa del Palmar Flamingos in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and it is gorgeous! There’s a spa there and a gym, a big gym, which I went to 3 times during my week there! The Taco Bar post is from this place as well, and I will still be posting a few more pic’s of this place!

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