~ Waiting for our Flight in Mexico City ~

We had to wait 5 hours in Mexico City for our flight to Puerto Vallarta (no direct flights at this point and time) and we were getting hungry. I ate my fruit salad on the drive down to the Vancouver airport, ate 4 bananas,  a granola bar and drank my smoothie…. but it was definitely time to eat …. and unfortunately, there wasn’t anything vegan on that flight, which was about 5 hours. They still have to work on that one! oh except for the ……..


While at the Salute Food and Bar, I just explained to the man that I didn’t want the cheese in this wrap and if he could please put another vegetable in its place….. no problem…. I received a great rice, bean, vegy wrap with a few fries! My mango smoothie was amazing as well! My meal came to 215 pesos which is approximately $14.33 (cad). Excellent for an airport!

My meal was delicious and filled up my belly for the flight to our final destination … here we come Puerto Vallarta!




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