~ “Alive” Organic Vegan Wine with Pasta and Kale & Tomato Sauce ~

I was in the Liquor Store buying some beer for a friend who fixed our cracked kitchen window and I came upon this beautiful bottle of wine and thought I should try it ….

A very delicious Merlot ($22.00) which I quite enjoyed with my Pasta and Kale & Tomato Sauce from Dr. Neal Barnard’s Book “The Cancer Survivor’s Guide”. I just recently bought this book, so have been exploring and cooking up some of the recipes.


I didn’t have any Penne noodles, so I used my Bow noodles instead, and I didn’t add any olives because I didn’t have any at the time. Must put them on my grocery list! I’ll add them to the sauce next time! It’s a simple meal, quite good and excellent to take to work the next day! I did also add some nutritional yeast, which made it even more delicious, plus gave me my vitamin B12! (and other B’s as well)

All in all, a lovely little dinner!  I was quite happy with my new discoveries! And, I’d like to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!!  May health and happiness be with all living beings!


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