A Vegan Guide to Ingredient Lists & What to Look For

“Thank you to “Journey to green living” for this most helpful, informative list!”

Journey to Green Living

We live in a world that isn’t vegan in the slightest. This is a well-known fact of course, but some food items which could be vegan aren’t due to sneaky, unnecessary ingredients put into common foods. The accidental consumption of non-vegan foods can be avoidable by knowing exactly how to read food labels as a vegan.

The most foolproof method of avoiding the accidental consumption animal products is to buy products which are strictly vegan. What I mean by this is only buying items which are certified vegan – they will have a label somewhere on the packaging that clarifies that they’re vegan.

The second easiest way is to buy foods without packaging (just plain veggies), or with a short & simple ingredient list. Whole foods are what’s best for us to begin with and we should be focusing on eating more foods without an ingredient list that resembles a…

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2 thoughts on “A Vegan Guide to Ingredient Lists & What to Look For

    1. I guess, we do the best we can, I like to read labels and am teaching my son to do the same! I don’t buy a lot of processed foods anyway, I make the majority of my meals from scratch! It’s better that way! Thanks for your comment!


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