~ The little Town of Ymir ~

I started out the morning with a walk to Sheep Creek with the dogs, Denny and Donner. Another gorgeous hot day, 27 C, and not so smokey from the nearby fires. British Columbia is having a bad time with fires this year, worse than any other!! Even in Whistler, we had so much smoke, you couldn’t see the mountains … only a very, very faint outline! And the air index was up to 14 at times! Something new to the area….

The dogs had a blast!

A beautiful walk along Airport Road led us back to the house where we packed up a few things and headed off to the Ymir Skateboard Park!

Ymir has a great Skateboard Park for beginners to intermediate. Great for me since I’m still learning. It was last year at this Park where I learned to go up and down the walls of the bowl. I love this Park!

A little walk with Donner brought us to the Salmo River… such a cute beautiful little place! If you’re camping you can stop here and overnight. There’s a convenience store across the street…. or the hotel. After 2 1/2 hours of skating in the hot summer sun, we headed home for some delicious vegan spaghetti dinner ….

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