~ Bread by Ed = BReD ~

Every Thursday morning, between 8 and 11 a.m., I go to Alta Bistro and pick up my Bread by Ed. Sometimes one loaf, sometimes two! It’s so delicious and healthy, and I love the idea of supporting local people making incredible food! Ed Tatton is my hero here….. check him out, here’s an article in our local paper, The Pique.

“I wanted to start making my own naturally leavened sourdoughs, so that means we don’t use any commercial yeast,” Tatton said. “It’s three ingredients: flour, water and salt.”

Some of Tatton’s loaves so far have included the aforementioned whole-wheat sourdough, rye and toasted flax seed, sprouted buckwheat with toasted oat groats and sprouted spelt and poppy seed.

“Instead of adding flavouring to it, I’m really passionate about allowing the natural grains be the star of the show and be the forefront of the flavour,” said Tatton. What’s more, is because his bread is rich in bacteria and uses only all-natural, organic flour and ancient grains, it’s perfect for those with sensitivities to gluten.

Thanks Ed! Thanks BReD!


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