~ A Walk in Squamish ~

Last weekend (April 15), it was gorgeously sunny and I had to go to Squamish (a 40 min. drive south from Whistler) for yet another vet appointment for Donner our dog.  She had been spade a couple of weeks prior and her incision was a little too pink and the doctors were concerned and so gave her antibiotics. This was a follow-up appointment, her third actually, to see how the incision was doing, and it was doing very well and healing nicely.  So we got the “ok” that we did not have to return which we were very happy about!

On the other hand, the extra trips down to Squamish were very nice because I could catch up with a girlfriend and we could walk our dogs, Donner and Gypsy, through some beautiful countryside!



…. through the forest, down into the swampy area, past the river, and up to the dyke ….



… looking down to my right, I saw the gorgeous moss laden trees that I love so much. All that green, so bright, so beautiful …. Squamish is always warmer than Whistler! In fact, my friend’s tulips were already 8″ high! And I couldn’t see mine at all!  They were still buried by a soft layer of snow just waiting to come out!


…. back down into the forest we go, back towards my friend’s home …




… now my little Donnerchen, as we say in German, hasn’t figured out yet how to swim. She was born in July, and she came to us via plane actually because she was still in Salmo, a small town in the Kootenays where she was born, but we had to leave her behind because she was not old enough yet to leave her mama ….. so when she was ready, we flew her out, instead of making the 10 hour drive back to Salmo (from Whistler). I sure did feel for her …. in one day, leaving her family, being put into a car, then a plane, all those scary noises, and then another 2 hour drive to Whistler!!!  So we concentrated on just being with her, never mind learning how to swim! She was so small when she joined our family, only 7 lbs! Now she’s a very healthy 52 lbs! But still needs to learn how to swim ….. and so,

… She was carefully watching Gypsy in the water, but couldn’t figure out how to be in the water. It was very interesting watching her contemplate this situation.  We encouraged her to go into the water (it was only about 8″ deep), but instead she took 2 big deer leaps on to the other side, ran around, and quickly leaped back to her original side of the river.

The warmer days are coming, and she will prevail!  We only live 5 minutes from a lake, so we’ll be down there often enjoying the sunny summer days.


… after an amazing walk through Mother Nature, the fresh air, the chatting, the catching up, Erica made us a treat with avocado and beans. I can’t remember the bread that she had made, but was it ever delicious!  xoxo  Thank you my friend!



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