~ It’s a Stormy Day on Whistler ~

Day 3 of my brother’s visit and Day 2 on the mountains. I haven’t skied 2 days in a row for years!


It was colder today (Mar 5) compared to yesterday when the sun came out. It was blizzardy, stormy, and I was getting cold, so I went into the Roundhouse to get a hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps…. something to warm me up!

So many people having fun!

The family met me inside for fries and drinks as well…. a little break and then off we went again…..

The Emerald Chair…


The Roundhouse Lodge from a distance….


Man in black…..


So many beautiful trees, so much snow, so much fun…..


Mother Nature’s Elements are truly amazing and breathtaking ….


After some wicked hours on the mountain skiing and snowboarding, we headed on down….


What an amazing day!! How lucky are we!!

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