~ A little break at Starbuck’s ~

An hour’s break at Starbuck’s, one of the many Starbuck’s in Whistler. This one is located at the Creekside.

I asked the gal if she had any vegan treats, the only one was a multi-grain bagel, which I accepted gratefully, toasted with jam, yum, yum. Then she explained that they did have some vegan chips, apple chips and these “Hippie Snacks“. Coconut clusters with pumpkin and sunflower seeds. So I bought a bag of those too, just to see how they tasted and to also share with all of you! (They also have the savoury Hippie Snacks with sesame seeds, but I like the sweet better.) $6.50 though, not cheap but they are organic, plant-based, no animal proteins and we’re helping the planet too. I also bought a tea …. peach-chamomile, quick nice I thought!


I found myself diving into the bag quite steadily while checking out my e-mail. The bagel was very delicious as well!


I’m not happy about the fat content, (especially since I am trying hard to keep that down) but at least there is only 1 gram of sugar.

All in all, it was a good stop, I needed it after work and before running into my kitchen to make another awesome vegan dinner!!  Enjoy!


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