~ My Morning Oats ~

I love my morning oats, after my slice of toast (with raspberry jam) … I’m usually hungry first thing in the morning, so I eat toast first to get something in my belly…. then start warming up the oats in a pot, usually with water, sometimes with almond milk, sometimes a little of both….

I just let that sit on low while I get other things going in the kitchen … stirring every now and again. Then, after it’s cooked for awhile, I put the oats into a bowl and add some mixed berries that I’ve warmed up in the microwave (I usually have a supply of frozen mixed berries in my freezer) …. the juices from the berries are so delicious….

… or i just add some brown sugar and raspberries…


…or brown sugar and blueberries…

… and sometimes, I eat them raw, with blueberries and pumpkin seeds and sliced almonds and cranberries and raisins and then ….


… I drizzle some blackstrap molasses on top …


… then sometimes, I’ll add strawberries …

… or my homemade apple sauce with cinnamon …


… and my mama bear even made us some delicious morning oats when I went to visit her and she added her own homemade apple sauce with strawberries … so good … so nutritious … this particular morning was soo peaceful, I think we sat there and chatted for 3 hours!

… And, OATS are piled high with nutrients!!

For one cup worth:
Folate 87.4 mcg 22% of RDI (Recommended Daily Intake)
Calcium 84.3 mg 8%
Iron 7.4 mg 41%
Magnesium 276 mg 69%
Phosphorus 816 mg 82%
Potassium 669 mg 19%
Sodium 3.1 mg 0%
Zinc 6.2 mg 41%
Copper 1.0 mg 49%
Manganese 7.7 mg 383%
Vitamin B1 (thiamin): 1.2 mg 79%
Total Omega-3 fatty acids 173 mg
Total Omega-6 fatty acids 3781 mg
Total Fat 10.8 g   17%
Dietary Fiber 16.5 g   66%
Protein 26.4 g   53%

Nutrient Balance Completeness Score = 43
Protein Quality Amino Acid Score = 81

… this information was found on SELFNutritionData.
… and from Authority Nutrition, I found this information:

Whole Oats are rich in Antioxidants (Antioxidants as a group help protect the cells in your body from free radical damage, thereby controlling the rate at which you age.If your body does not get adequate protection, free radicals can become rampant, causing your cells to perform poorly. This can lead to tissue degradation and put you at risk of diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease, for example.

Avenanthramides are one of these antioxidants found in Oats, which may help lower blood pressure levels by increasing the production of nitric oxide. This gas molecule helps dilate blood vessels and leads to better blood flow.  In addition, avenan-thramides have anti-inflammatory and anti-itching effects.

Ferulic acid is also found in large amounts in oats. This is another antioxidant which has anti-inflammatory properties and they scavenge free radicals, which can kill or damage cells.
Oats also have therapeutic effects in the treatment and prevention of various diseases.
They can reduce LDL and total cholesterol levels, reduce blood sugar and insulin response, increase feelings of fullness and increase growth of good bacteria in the digestive tract. It also has beneficial plant compounds called polyphenols, another antioxidant, which plays an important role in maintaining your health and wellness.

So, eat your oats every day, or maybe every other day! It’s excellent when you’re baking cookies, or muffins, and fantastic for your veggie burgers…..

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