~ My Morning Oats ~

I love my morning oats, after my slice of toast (with raspberry jam) … I’m usually hungry first thing in the morning, so I eat toast first to get something in my belly…. then start warming up the oats in a pot, usually with water, sometimes with almond milk, sometimes a little of both…. I just let that sit on low while I get other … Continue reading ~ My Morning Oats ~

~ 40 more cm’s….. in Whistler!! ~

So much “more” snow!  I couldn’t believe it!         “Somebody’s going to have fun digging out their car….. or not!” “I’m having a blast digging out my pine cone!” “I love the snow!!” “…. that’s me swimming through the snow, I really do love this powdery white stuff!” After playing in the snow for 4 hours, while my family shoveled all the … Continue reading ~ 40 more cm’s….. in Whistler!! ~