~ Apple, Beet, Carrot Juice ~

I started my week, every morning last week, with a liter of Apple, Beet and Carrot Juice. I had this Juice previously from Nesters (a local grocery store), from their new Juice Bar, an 8 oz order and loved it. Then I bought a 16 oz , and last week, I thought I would just buy the liter, since the price was better. So I thought, I’d drink half of it one morning and the other half, the next morning…. but…. it didn’t happen that way….. it was so friggin good, I drank the whole liter within the first 2 hours.

…. And, now, I’m looking forward to starting my day, every morning this week, with this awesome, powerful, delicious Juice!!!  I feel so incredibly good drinking it! Love getting all that goodness in my body, keeping the arteries clean and my body running efficiently, fast and energetically!

Just a note, I have actually been caffeine free for approx. 2 months now, something that just kinda happened, it wasn’t like I planned it…. one morning, I simply forgot to make my tea, and thought I’d grab a cup later, that never happened.  Then I forgot the next morning, and wanted to make a cup at a client’s home….. I forgot again…. then a week went by, and another, and then I just simply thought, why don’t I just go without. I didn’t really seem to care…. and now it’s been 2 months. (Previously, I drank about one cup of tea a day, so that’s not much, maybe two).

Instead of buying a latte for $4.00 or $4.50, I now buy a delicious juice instead (yes, it’s $8.00, or $6.50), but I feel sooo good!  The most important thing is that I am taking care of my body! I have one body, as my Mama always says… “Be good to it”!!  My job is physical and I need the energy and the strength! I want my body to be rich in nutrients! To feel good mentally, and physically.

TRY A JUICE THIS WEEK and tell me how you feel!!  There are so many varieties…. my daughter drank one with lemon juice and ginger, that one was too sharp tasting for me, but she loved it! Raise your glass! To YOU! and your HEALTH!

Have an AWESOME week…..



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