~ A little Saturday Adventure ~

Had a little hour and a half along Alta Lake today … a little cloud cover, a little sunshine peeking through, a little snow on the ground and a little Donner dog for companionship! (Donner means “thunder” in german, kinda goes along with Blitz the cat. Blitz meaning “lightning”.)


We walked along the valley trail towards Wayside Park, I took a couple pictures and then we ventured on…. down the trail running into the odd person or dog, which made Donner all too happy. She loves greeting people, even though she can also be very weary of some. After a bit, we cut into the path that takes you close to the water’s edge and along the artisan’s path. This is where some of the “Art on the Lake” takes place.


It’s a cool 0 C, but when that sunshine popped out, it made everything alright!

The old part of Alta Lake, the last remaining homesteads of the past….

Donner, on the other hand, who is fresh and new to the world, loves the snow, loves bouncing through the soft powdery champagne snow, just like a deer…


… A moment of reflection ….

Eventually, we made our way back home, after I had stopped to pick a few red berries…


…which I want to use for my “Advents Kranz”, a wreath made of twigs and small branches, shaped into a circle, tied together with string and then a big, beautiful, red ribbon… a german tradition…. something my ma made every year….. with 4 candles on top to signify each Sunday in December.

… while I was crafting away, the animals were getting cozy…..

This actually all happened on the 3rd of December and I was hoping to get it posted way before today….. but life is busy, full, fragrant, my cup runneth over every day…

I am happy, and I hope you all are as well!  I hope that this Christmas time was amazing for everyone!  That peace and good times are with you, as well as health and strength…. enjoy the last beautiful days of 2016!!

2 thoughts on “~ A little Saturday Adventure ~

  1. Wow Sis, your webpage is amazingly well done. The pics are so beautiful and the way they are layed out… some small, some big, some skinny. All blend in so well.

    As well the story aspect of it, as u scroll from top to bottom is excellent as well.

    And Donner is so cute :).

    If i had to grade your website I’d give it an A+.


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