~ Devilishly Decadent Vegan Dessert Challenge in Whistler! ~

…. And what a challenge it is!  What a fantastic idea to get the word out there….. how delicious is vegan food!!!  mmmmmm….

For more information, check out …….https://earthsavewhistler.com/2016/09/11/vegandessertchallenge/

So far I’ve eaten the chocolate heaven dessert at the Cinnamon Bear Bar, in Whistler…

… this was sooo delicious… a chocolatey base with a thin caramel layer sitting on top then delicious lime, I think it was, sherbet, which made it so fresh tasting, and surrounded by baby matcha fudge squares…. so incredibly good…. if I was at home, I would definitely have licked my plate!   This dessert cost $12.00 but it’s half price this week!!

Then off to Milestone’s…. we were on a dessert crawl! For a cheesecake dessert, without the dairy of course….

…topped with marshmellows and chocolate chips…. this one was tooo sweet, tooo rich for me, I couldn’t finish it actually…. and this one cost $9.00….

Then on to Alta Bistro…..

… I loved the (roasted?) peach and the prune purée it was sitting on…. but I didn’t much like the price, $14.00 plus tip included in the bill, so that was $17.22, please.


…. ok and now for the fourth dessert of the evening, we went to Stonesedge….

… I really loved this dessert too…. kinda like a strawberry shortcake, but layered up with chocolate and sliced strawberries topped with shavings of coconut, and surrounded by coconut caramel drizzle….. so good!!  And $10.50.

….. and, on a previous night, we had been out to Nita Lake Lodge and enjoyed the Crème Brulée with ginger snaps, $12.50!  Very tasty, I loved it, and the crunch of that blackberry was amazing!


… Soo, now just 4 more desserts to enjoy, savour, devour …. I`ll be back with Part II …

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