~ “Fall”ing for Whistler ~

My favourite season ….. Fall ….. Autumn ….. I love the colours …. they’re everywhere….. on the ground, in the trees, in the distance, under your feet…..

The crispness in the air, the warmth of the sun on a cold day! I love venturing through the forest …. it never ceases to amaze me!!  Mother Nature is truly amazing!!






Everything seems so alive, the wind, the rain, the storms, I love them all. Most people cringe when it rains, they call it a miserable day ….. not me …..  I grab my umbrella, the dog …. and go! Go walking anywhere, everywhere ….. I love the wind on my face, it’s like a mini facial!



Fall has so much depth, so much character …..

…. I had been walking along the dock down by the lake, and put my umbrella down to take some pictures and this happened …. the wind picked it up and plopped it down on the water …. I almost didn’t get it back …. I sure didn’t want to dip my feet/legs into the cold lake ….

….. and the lone chair is mysterious …. not exactly sure it’s story ….

No matter your passion, or love …. BE HEALTHY, for yourself, your planet, and for the animals!

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