~ My First Time ~

Today was the first time my nose ever touched a Lake. My paw touched the wet ground first, the gritty wet ground, and I slowly smelled and touched the water with my little black nose. It was so cold!! Everyone thinks I’m a german shephard, and one lady even thought I was a rottweiler…. I kinda could be, I look like one, I guess. But actually my mommi’s a golden retriever, she has short hair though, not that long golden hair a Retriever usually has, and my daddi’s a large beagle, I guess that’s why some of my toes are white. I’m mainly black with some nice soft beige running down my legs. I kinda have a symetrical-like beige streak running horizontally across my chest, and beige eyebrows. My brothers and sisters were mostly black and white and one sister was totally black!

I’m only 10 weeks old and there’s so much to check out and sniff and see and hear, and things to play with, people to meet, dogs to meet…… this world is pretty exciting! Life is proving to be quite fun!

I sure do love sleeping underneath my owner’s bed too….. it’s one of my favourite places to hide away. I have shoes to chew on, toys, yummy food (people food, vegan food, so good!) and I get to sleep in the boy’s bed! We go outside a lot, and I’m getting use to being in that moving machine.

Today has been an amazing day….. the sun came out a little bit, now and again, the air was warm, and it was all misty out….


Being out here at the Lake, Alta Lake, on a Wharf was just so different, so new….moving ground….


Earlier in the day, like at 8:30 this morning, I was out at Wayside Beach, instead of Lakeside Beach this afternoon….both are incredible places to hang out…..

 …maybe one day I’ll go for a canoe ride…



…. ok, remember, I’m only 10 weeks old and we’ve been out for an hour and 1/2, I’m getting tired now…. can we go home….??  I’ve seen soo much, and sniffed everything, and seen everything…. well for now anyway!

…the valley trail brought us home, oh, but first, one more stop, the view point…



…. ok now we get to go home and I’m going to curl up for a nap, a long nap …..


2 thoughts on “~ My First Time ~

  1. Wow your blog is great! Glad I found it! Looking forward to future posts! As a travel blogger it’s always fun to see what others are up to and see their great photos!! 😊


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