~ The Happy Herd Farm Sanctuary ~

On the 28th of August, I went down to Aldergrove (British Columbia), which was a 2 1/2 hour drive from Whistler and joined 5 other friends to do some volunteer work at the Farm, The Happy Herd Farm Sanctuary, and to get to know the animals that have been rescued from slaughterhouses. Here at the Farm they are allowed to live out the rest of their lives in peace and harmony, just as we wish for ourselves.

We are all living beings hoping for a good life with our family and friends.

It was a beautiful day and thank goodness we had cloud cover, otherwise we would have burned underneath the hot sunshine, since we didn’t have sunscreen or hats. We spent a couple of hours painting the fence for the cows, then later hung out and got to know all the animals, and had some time to speak with the owners, Stephen and Diane, who are very amazing and kind people.

I have never met turkeys before, except the ones that I use to eat on my dinner plate. These 2 turkeys were hilarious, always together, and always followed us everywhere, constantly wanting to show off their gorgeous feathers. I had never seen this before…. the turkeys or their behaviour!


Later we had lunch by the duck pond, and after an amazing 4 1/2 hour visit, we journeyed on home.

Before we left, we purchased a few items…. I bought a pink tank top and a bag with pictures of all the beautiful animals we had just visited.

I truly love animals… and they love us so unconditionally… we should feel so lucky!…. they deserve everything we wish for ourselves! They do nothing to us to warrant such pain and suffering. Just because they are different, just because they speak a different language is no reason to take away their lives. They do not have the power to stop us … we should be looking after the powerless, the ones that have no voice. Or like James Aspey said, “They have a voice, WE are just not listening”. They cry and struggle when they are being abused and killed, but humans are not paying attention. They all have personalities, they all have their own little quirks, they all have family and friends and they just want to have fun…  just like we do.

~The Soul is the same in all living creatures although the body of each is different.”        ~ Hippocrates

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