~ Thank you Salmo….. ~

We had another successful Annual Memorial Soccer Camp in Salmo, in the Kootenays, British Columbia, (Canada), actually the 10th Soccer Camp, and I just wanted to share some of the highlights for me during this week …..

Salmo is an old mining town where my husband grew up, a place to go hiking, camping, fishing and simply to be in the great outdoors…. it always seems like a quiet place to be, a gentle place, slow and calm….



… not sure how many people live there now, but in 2011, there were 1139 inhabitants…

… it’s a good place to practice your skateboarding ….

… even at night.



Early mornings always bring plenty of dew, spider webs for spider homes…



… and soccer drills for soccer kids.


Day 5 of the Soccer Camp… more chilly mornings, more webs…



… more dew …







…. on Day 5, the final day, after soccer drills and games, the kids kick around a soccer “pinata” filled with tiny soccer balls and a “clue”….. for the scavenger hunt ….

… eventually the colourful soccer pinatas are broken, and the tiny soccer balls come rolling out, and one little girl finds a folded piece of paper on the ground which reads… ” # 103 “. The puzzled children all look at each other, “What’s that?”  I ask them if they’ve seen this number written anywhere in the school …..

… suddenly a child shouts, “the lockers, the lockers”, and off they run dashing into the school to find the next clue hidden inside the locker….

… after 10 clues and much running back and forth, they find the final hiding place, the treasure, in an old fridge, in a bag….. CANDY!!  The regular kids who join the camp always look forward to this ritual, they anticipate it, ask about the pinatas, and the new kids are always bewildered and don’t really know what’s going on, they just run behind all the other kids…. it’s so much fun to watch …

…what an awesome week that was! I managed to conquer my fear of riding a skateboard, once again, and had the pleasure to watch my son advance and drop-in into a 4.5′ bowl. Wicked!


We discovered the Ymir outdoor skateboard park and the one in Rosemont, Nelson, too. There’s also an in-door Bowl at the Salmo Community Center. I don’t think I will drop into any bowls like my son, but I enjoy challenging myself, my fear, and my balance, and with my son’s encouragement, I am progressing slowly but surely. I even bought my own board!!

Thanks Salmo!


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