~ The Salmo Golf Club ~

Another ritual that has transpired while in the Kootenays, Salmo, British Columbia (Canada) is having lunch at the Salmo Golf Club. On the Friday, the last day of the Annual Memorial Soccer Camp, approximately 10-15 of us, gather here for our last Lunch …. to recount the past week, the success of the soccer camp, ideas and thoughts, and simply to relax together.


This year, I ordered a large Spinach Salad, and instead of the bacon bits, I just asked for cucumbers, which was fine. This was served with a delicious herb vinaigrette, and garlic bread. I declined the bread since it was a baguette made with dairy and eggs. (I’ve made a yummy garlic bread myself, and no dairy necessary!) I did also eat some of the french fries from my son’s plate though. The Spinach Salad also had mandarin slices, sunflower seeds and onions. Very tasty indeed! (and $8.00)


As I looked around the table, everybody had some kind of cooked animal pieces or dairy on their plate. I have to say, it’s hard to watch. All I could envision at this point were clogged arteries!! The menu consisted mainly of the usual hamburgers, and chicken fingers, tacos with meat sauce, but I did notice that there were quite a few Salads to choose from, which is fantastic! I prefer to concentrate on my health, and the health of the planet and the “well-being” of all animals! And I will continue to do just that! 🙂
I have to add that the waitress was very friendly and amazing with such a big group of us suddenly coming in …. next time, we told her, we’d give her a heads up. She received that kindly!


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