~ The Collander in Trail ~

Every August during the Annual Memorial Soccer Camp week, in the Kootenays, British Columbia (Canada), we go to the Collander, a Restaurant in Trail, about 30-40 minutes away from Salmo (where we stay). They have this “Special” there…. all you can eat ….

…a green salad with a vinaigrette, spaghetti noodles with tomato sauce and meatballs, and chicken, and roasted potatoes! I mean, in years past, I use to eat the chicken and the meatballs in the tomato sauce….. until I had gone deliciously vegan!

…but this year, they brought my son and I an extra plate of spaghetti with just tomato sauce and no meatballs! And, this was the day my son started eating salads!! Yeah!! I’m so happy about that! We both did not eat the chicken (of course) but loved the roasted potatoes! We both found the tomato sauce to be a bit spicy, so I tried to leave some of it on my plate. Sometimes I find that if people don’t really know much about vegan food, they tend to add more hot spices, as if the food isn’t delicious on it’s own! And, I did ask about the dinner roll, that you also get, if you wish…. but it had dairy in it. I find it is getting harder and harder to sit around a table where there are animals that have been cooked up but I also do want to be the positive influence where there are more questions asked about the ingredients of the foods that we eat!!!

Our waitress was also very helpful and friendly. She looked quite german with her blonde braids. The restaurant is quite large, filled with lots of noise and people, and every time we’re there, which is once a year, it’s busy! You can, of course, order other things, but we go there especially for this “Special”, which has become quite a Ritual with the people we go with every year!


No matter where you go, I believe you can change your meal to suit your needs! And more and more people are realizing that more people are concerned about their HEALTH, the ANIMALS and our PLANET!!!  




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