~ Just Go With the Flow ~

…here comes another road trip to Salmo, the Kootenays, Eastern British Columbia, Canada….. another memorial soccer camp, the 10th one actually…. it’s this little camp we put on for the kids every August, it’s the place my husband grew up…

…now, we should have been on the road much sooner, but there were still too many things to do….grocery shopping, invoices to drop off, packing ….. once on the road though, just before leaving Whistler, we stopped in at a friend’s Bakery/Deli called “200 degrees” in Function Junction …. I bought the Beet Borscht, and a Loaf of Rye Bread ($5.00), and a beet-lime-walnut Energy Ball ($3.50) (dates were used to bind the ingredients) (It seems like Energy Balls are all around that price) …. this beautiful, young, korean gal/friend just opened up her own Bakery, and wow, does she ever have yummy stuff! I will definitely pop back in! again and again, and then I’ll give you an up-date and pictures.


An Incredibly Delicious Energy Ball

As we were heading through Vancouver, there were a “few” accidents that “completely” stopped the flow of traffic, so we pulled into North Vancouver and hung out, in this little park, skateboarding and waiting. I was getting the flow back riding the board, haven’t been on it for 7 years, since my son was just a youngin’, but he’s recently gotten back into it and bought himself a new board, and so, I get to ride on his old board. I’m good with that! I love it, it’s very peaceful. I like the idea of being challenged by my balance, my confidence, my fear of doing something that is scary to me! In only an hour, I felt very confident on the board (once again) and was cruising down the smooth pavement, and learning to pop my board around in order to turn. I’m excited!! He’s working on mastering the Ollie, and the Pop Shove It.

Afterwards, we ate our Vegy Wraps (bought earlier at the Iga) on the tailgate of the truck and some of the Wheatberry Grain Salad and Orzo & Wild Rice Salad …. deliciosso! We had also just bought some Cucumber Rolls for my son.

Then back into the movement of cars, trucks, semi’s…. not where we wanted to be at this time of the day but we really didn’t have a choice, just had to go with the flow, you know …just rolling past Hope and Manning Park…. beautiful countryside, beautiful landscape…. munching on Yellow Corn Tostitos (chips)….

….we ended up overnighting in Princeton, an old mining town, at the Sandman Hotel and Inn, which was very nice, very clean, and very cozy. The couple running the front office were german, so I was able to go into my german mode and speak german, something I love doing so very much!!!!! We pretty much nibbled our way to Princeton, and so only ate a few more bananas and apples in our Room before we crashed. It was late. Gute Nacht, Schlaf Gut! (Good night, sleep well!)

p.s. my camera just started working again, so I’ll be able to leave more photos next time, thank goodness!

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