~ Mountains to City in 90 Minutes ~

All I had to do was bring my Power head, for my Vacuum Cleaner, to Amine and have it looked at and hopefully repaired right there, right then. I guess I could possibly find someone else to help me out, someone in closer proximity, but I have known Amine now for about 16 years! So, I do want to continue with him, we have a vacuum cleaner history!


So, Saturday morning, at 8:30 a.m., I drive down Highway 99, not too many people on the road yet…. good morning to all the early birds……!

It’s a cool day out, little windy, 10 C, misty, foggy, love those kind of days!

Into Squamish, 9:15 a.m., down the Highway towards Furry Creek Golf Course  …….look to your right….!



…Over the Lions Gate Bridge…and into the City we roll, Vancouver city that is. Time to slow down, traffic everywhere….. we’re on West Georgia Street now…

… now over the Burrard Bridge…


….and to our destination we arrive….Burrard Vacuums and Appliances on Burrard and 1st Ave….. 10:00 a.m. …. I chatted with Amine, he looked at my power head, which I had to leave there, unfortunately, and will pick up in a week.  It needs a new motor, and he didn’t have any that fit. “oh well!” After a coffee and a little more chatting,  I jump into my car and off I went…. back to Whistler!  BUT, as I turned my vehicle around to head back onto Burrard Street, I saw a peculiar sight, (I thought)…..

…what was he (or she) doing?….. picking out a car or enjoying his/her silhouette?  This Canadian Goose didn’t move a muscle, was he/she stunned, was he/she happy, and where’s your flock?  Was he/she thinking, responding to the goose in the window, “I won’t leave you!”



Do you see him standing there on the left side? I just felt sorry for him. Where’s his family, where are his/her friends? I wanted to help him/her somehow, but what could I do? He only moved once. Just slightly, to look at me, that’s all!  Maybe this is a normal sight in the City, but not in Whistler. I usually see them hanging out together eating the grass by the lake, or flying high above me. This little one just seemed so isolated all alone!  But I had my own mission to get back home so I could make some pancakes and have breaky with my son…. my hope is that this lone goose found what he was looking for….. so back onto the Burrard Bridge I go…..

….into the busy city….

Just before you drive onto the Lions Gate Bridge, you pass the Yacht Club on your right, then drive through Stanley Park, and then onto the Bridge……

It’s amazing how quickly one can be somewhere else totally different!

At one point, I didn’t really want to go to Vancouver, I wanted to stay home. But, by the time, I started driving, that feeling of “moving” washed over me …. I was lovin’ it! The simple sound of those wheels rolling underneath me, that humming sound, the scenery flying by…. I do so love that feeling!


Now back to Whistler…..DSCN7337

… into the Mountains …

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