~ Happy Mother’s Day! ~

To all the amazing mothers out there, this is just a quick wish to have an extraordinary day with your loved ones! If your children are older and they are not with you, treat yourself! Have a beautiful day with your family and/or friends, and just enjoy today. Our children leave us all too quickly, I think, the whole having kids thing, goes by in a flash….

…cherish the moments, take your time with your children, listen to them, they have so many awesome things to say, and they really can teach you things, if you pay attention and absorb their lessons!  Guide them but let them be who they are. Foster their desires and passions and they become these incredible human beings who are such a pleasure to be around!!  I know it’s not always easy, but I have always tried to take one day at a time, slow down, listen to them, look them in the eye, play the games they are interested in, help them with their homework, drive them to places they would like to be …. be there for them!

Don’t forget to tell your children that you love them, to hear the words are important too. Tell them that you are proud of them and that they are awesome exactly as they are! My parents were never told “I love you” and “I am proud of you”…. these are words that feel good when spoken with honesty and integrity. Many years went by without me hearing these words as well …. Hug your children, make every day count, even if there are only 15 minutes to spend with them (due to work, dinner, chores)!

Flowers to all the Mommies all over the world!


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