~ Glo’s Buddha Bowl ~

We had a reservation for 5:30 but due to my plans going totally sideways, and me having to be on the phone to rearrange things suddenly, we were late. This weekend of being away had not just brought a lot of fun and joy to see family and friends, but also, a few curve balls. I had a bit of extra organizing to do now to alter my departure date on leaving the City of Victoria, Vancouver Island.

No matter …. after dealing with the shock of some surprising news, it was time to get going and have some dinner. I was starving and so was my friend.

The building across from the restaurant, The Glo, on Jutland Rd. off of the Gorge, was showing off clusters of stunning, hanging white flowers. We had parked our car on that side of the road and as we got out of our vehicle, the smell was absolutely heavenly.

I’ve been to this restaurant before which is only minutes from Downtown …. and it’s gorgeous, beautiful, fun, and kinda hip…you can sit outdoors (by a heater, if need be, depending on weather), indoors (at the bar, or at a table by the window)…..

All the servers, hostesses and bartenders, (all females dressed in black), were amazing, friendly, hard-working most definitely, and worked efficiently and in good spirits. It was very busy, and because we were late, we sat at the 360 degree bar and waited for our outside table. While we waited, maybe 30 minutes, we sipped on our martini and wine and engaged in great conversation. The restaurant was full of energy and laughter and conversation. The large windows that surrounded the restaurant allowed us to look out onto the Selkirk Waterway. There was a steady flow of kayakers and boats going by with new groups of people showing up to practice their rowing skills.

Another group of people showed up and started doing their stretching, underneath a giant willow tree blowing in the wind. After 10 minutes of limbering up, these people descended into their kayaks and paddled on down the waterway. There was a nice steady flow of activity, of people coming and going, and it was exciting to watch amid the ebb and flow of our conversation.

Teams practicing for boat races, all paddling in unison, in a rhythm like machines, like wheels, pushing the boat forward quickly, gently, smoothly, gliding over the water.

When the hostess told us our table was ready, I paid for the drinks at the bar and we went outside and got comfy ….. still chatting, we decided we better order our food since we have a habit of chattering on forever. I didn’t look at the menu too long, since I spotted the Buddha Bowl which looked absolutely scrumptious! I did see a lot of fish, and chicken, and prawns…. and that is not what I wanted. I ordered the Bowl with Tofu for another dollar.


It looked amazing and it filled me up quite nicely!

The evening progressed with a lot of discussion and sharing and stimulating conversation, and as we sat there, I could see the gorgeous clouds come sailing in….

… in all shades of gray …. artisan clouds in interesting, contemporary shapes on a backdrop of bright white on a light blue sky.




As the sun was going down, soon after, droplets of rain could be seen on the glass wall that surrounded the outside sitting area. The wind picked up and that willow tree with its long arms of green leaves started dancing eloquently in the wind. It was a beautiful sight!


The evening became a little darker and ….. before too long, it quickly became quite cold and the wind became stronger and the rain started falling faster. So we decided it was time to go, since we had already been there for 3 hours! The girls, the servers, were quickly running around gathering up the pillows of the chairs, and the cushions for the sofas, which were also located outside, as we made our way out the door.
An incredibly awesome evening, very fulfilling …. not just in the belly, but also in the soul and the heart!


I believe there are vegan options almost wherever you go…sometimes you have to ask ahead of time, but that makes it all the more convenient!  If we are to sustain our health, our planet and give our animals the care they deserve, the best thing to do is go Vegan!

“If a man aspires towards a righteous life, his first act of abstinence is from injury to animals” ~ Leo Tolstoy

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