5 Spring Nail Polish Colors That Weren’t Tested on Bunnies (or any other animal)

I feel very strongly and passionately about finding cruelty-free products to use! I would like to thank “My Kind Closet” for this post! Humans do not need to test on animals! Please be aware of the products you are using, read the labels, do a little research, and once you find new products, the work of finding is done…. now to spread the word and help others to become aware!

I doubt that anyone would willingly purchase a cosmetic product if they knew it was tested on animals.  There’s something about cosmetic testing that seems especially unnecessarily cruel.  In fact, the European Union issued a directive, which implemented a ban on testing the finished cosmetic product on animals in 2004, and further extended the prohibition to cover ingredients or combination of ingredients in 2009, all with the goal of banning testing by their target date of 2013. Other countries have followed suit, but the United States still has yet to issue any such ban. This isn’t to suggest that consumers and cosmetic brands in the United States don’t care whether or not their cosmetics are tested on animals ; on the contrary, the U.S is home to The Johns Hopkins Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing (CAAT), which works steadfastly to research and promote humane science.

From their website:

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