Why Ron Swanson says all the right things about meat on Parks and Rec

I think this is a great post, love it and want to share!! The question is, “Why eat one and not the other??”

Conveniently Vegan

Hey guys! So who here watches Parks and Recreation?


I think it’s one of the funniest shows I have ever seen, and it def lands a spot on my top 5 favorite TV shows of all time. It’s just straight up hilarious, and every episode somehow magically gets better and better. Even though I’m a huge Amy Poehler fan, I have to say that my favorite character by far is Ron Swanson.


His character is hilarious and never fails to make me laugh. A lot.

So the other night I was watching an episode where the parks department goes to a BBQ hosted by Ron. If any of you watch the show, you know that Ron loves meat. Usually this slightly annoys me if “loving meat” is a defining characteristic of someone, but the things he says about animal agriculture are so spot on. It almost makes me wonder if the show has an…

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