~ A Blue and White April in the Mountains ~

It’s April and it feels like summer! 18 to 21 C out! When I drive around the valley going from one end to the other, driving here, driving there, getting things done, working in my hectic little, ant-like, fast paced life, sometimes I start to feel overwhelmed and when that happens, all I have to do is look up, look up to the mountains and a big, broad smile stretches across my face!

Even if I can’t see the mountains due to the fog, the mist, or the clouds, I can feel the crispness in the air, I can smell the sweetness, I can see the gorgeous green trees all around me, I can hear the birds singing and chirping, and I know that I am embraced by the strength and the power of the mountains….

Living in an International Ski Resort definitely has it’s perks…. there always seems to be something you can do. I don’t even know where to begin….events galore like Cornucopia, festivals like the present Ski and Snowboard Festival, BBQ competitions, never mind endless skiing, even in the summer (they open the glacier)… you can actually ski and swim on the same day!! Seeing someone bike to the village with their snowboard or skis attached to their back pack is a common sight. The menu is always full (all year round) depending on your preferences, your desires for the day and the night, and how fat your wallet may be. That doesn’t mean there aren’t free things to do. There are….either way, this place is truly a playground. How lucky am I! I am simply HAPPY just to BE in the mountains!





…Whistler Mountain …



…Fissile Mountain…

…Wedge Mountain…


The mighty mountains of Whistler stand tall…..Whistler Mountain stands 2284 meters high (or 7494 ft.), Fissile Mountain stands 2439 m. high (8002 ft.) and Wedge Mountain stands 2895 m. high (9497 ft.)….all part of the Garibaldi Provincial Park.

They are truly, unmistakably, impressive.  Never forget the power of the elements in the mountains. You can walk into the village on a beautiful sunny day, and you never know when a cool spell comes washing through the valley making it a very cold walk home. And if you’re skiing out of bounds, always bring your Gear!

The Tantalus Mountain Range is another majestic array of mother nature standing at 2603 m (8540  ft.) high. This range is always a special sight while cruising down to Squamish ….




….Feeling Blessed….

Help keep our Earth healthy… be kind to her and her animals…. and take good care of yourself!!  

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