~ Happy Easter, Frohe Ostern, Joyeuses Pâques ~

I know Easter is quickly coming to an end, but I still wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Fun Easter! A beautiful weekend and a beautiful Easter Monday!

I went to my 8 am Yoga Class this morning in the village and along the way, signs of Spring were popping up everywhere…..

…ok, this next one isn’t so Spring-like,  it is cool out, still about 8 C, but gorgeous, the sun was out for a bit today….


…but the crocuses are making their presence known, and the tulips are coming up in my garden as well….

… little easter treats in shop windows….

…in beautiful Whistler…

…I decided to get a little treat for myself at the The Green Moustache before going home…

…then I decided to SIT and WAIT, instead of rushing out the door with my to-go cup like I would normally do on a busy work day. But today was not a busy work day, today was Sunday, Easter Sunday, a day to rest, to restore one’s energy! It was nice to sit, relax, and as I waited for my drink, I read a few pages from John Robbins’ book, “Diet for a New America“, and learned that John could have taken on the Baskin-Robbins Company, but decided that that was not what he wanted for himself….

This book totally looks like a great read!  My drink came, a SuperFood Hot Chocolate, which consisted of Cacao powder, maple syrup, cinnamon and cashew mylk (I also learned that “mylk”is the vegan term for “milk”)….. you learn something new every day! As I sipped my warm mylk, I read and nibbled away at the chocolate coconut easter basket holding the easter eggs….


…so yummy!

Greetings to All!  “May all beings be well & happy, May all beings be peaceful & at ease, & May all beings be free from suffering!”  This is what I wish for…..!

“Be a Voice for the Voiceless”

6 thoughts on “~ Happy Easter, Frohe Ostern, Joyeuses Pâques ~

  1. Loved your post, I recently started eating pescetarian and a friend let me borrow the “diet for a new america” book. It’s been quite life changing. looking forward to reading more posts from you. I also would like to invite you to check my Blog out!! 🙂


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