~ Lemon Poppy Seed Energy Bites ~


I was very curious about these little Bites and made them for the Vegan Potluck last night. The recipe comes from Amy’s Healthy Baking.

  • 3 scoops (90g) PlantFusion vanilla protein powder
  • ½ c (50g) old-fashioned oats (gluten-free, if necessary)
  • 1 tbsp (9g) poppy seeds
  • ½ tbsp (7g) Truvia (or any sweetener)
  • 1 tsp freshly grated lemon zest (about one medium)
  • 6 tbsp (90mL) freshly squeezed lemon juice (about two medium)
  • 6 tbsp (90mL) water
  1. In a large bowl, combine the protein powder, oats, poppy seeds, Truvia, and lemon zest. Add in the lemon juice and water, stirring until fully incorporated. Shape the mixture into 28 small spheres, and place into a Tupperware container. Seal and store in the refrigerator until ready to eat. Keeps for approx. 6 days. Each Bite contains approx. 17 grams of protein.
Notes: This recipe was specifically designed for plant-based protein powders. Most protein powders behave differently, especially when it comes to absorbing moisture. If you substitute a different plant-based protein powder, you may need to add more protein powder if the dough is too wet OR more water (or milk) if the dough is too dry. Do not substitute whey-based protein powder; the bites will not set.
I used Vegan Proteins+ for the protein powder and I found that my Bites were not forming well, and added approx. 5 or 6 more tbsp of lemon juice and a splash of almond milk. On eating these little Bites, initially, I found them to be somewhat dry, perhaps because of my choice in powder? But as you chew them, the lemony-sweet flavour blasts into your mouth. I was thinking of adding a little coconut oil next time I make these, to see if I can make them a little more moist tasting …. the challenge is on!
Any granulated sweetener may be used instead of Truvia. If using liquid sweetener, add it along with the lemon juice and water instead, and you may need to decrease the water by a similar amount.

The Gathering went well with the last guests leaving at 11 p.m. Our discussions were alive and very interesting!  And again, the table had been full of a variety of delicious dishes and plenty of treats. Almost more desserts than dinners.  I also made my banana bread, and shared a few of the peanut butter chocolate chip energy bites that I had in my freezer.  Looking forward to the next vegan potluck!

From Whistler to YOU……

I had a quiet walk into the village this morning to go do my yoga at 8 a.m. Not too many people around!  I guess with a base of 375 cm’s, everybody was up there skiing!

Here comes the sun ……… and a beautiful day!

May all beings be free from suffering, May all beings be at peace and free”

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