~ “I will be back Antigua!” & Veganism as a Human Right ~

It’s so sad to leave the place that you really feel at home, even if you have several “homes” throughout the world, and even if you’ve only been there for a week! But the heart knows where you are comfortable and your soul will tell you… tears come to my eyes remembering, wanting to be back there “now”!  I have great memories with my family and friends … that makes it even more amazing?!  I fell in love with Antigua… the people, the culture, the Food, the ruins, the market, the yoga (Studio Y), the language I am trying to learn, the relaxed mode, the landscape (the Volcano Agua went off after I left, really would have loved to have seen that!!)… and let’s not forget, Raul, our shuttle driver… (if you need a trustworthy, awesome driver, I will get you Raul’s number. He will take you wherever you need to go in Guatemala!)

We had to go back to the Rainbow Cafe after having spent 5 or 6 hours at Zoola’s having a drink(s) and enjoying the Jacuzzi. (You don’t have to pay for using the Jacuzzi, you just have to buy a drink, then you’re allowed to jump in….!)…. I am surprised how much I ate while I was in Antigua…. the Food was just so absolutely delicious….

…. I will miss going to the Market to buy fresh vegetables and fruit and eat Plantain (cooked, mashed up, and formed into a potatoe with cooked black beans inside, then sprinkled with sugar!!!) That was absolutely yummy! 5 Q’s, which was less than a dollar! I loved it so much, I went back for seconds!

…. it is possible to eat vegan even in a country that eats a lot of meat and dairy products…. there are options ….. I mean check out that market with all the fruits and vegys galore, what a luscious sight. They all looked so healthy and scrumptious and fresh….spices, ginger, thyme, cilantro…

… for the most part, from what I saw, I think guatemalans are meat, and dairy eaters. One evening, the eldest daughter of the house was cooking up a couple of eggs for each family member with a lame looking piece of white bread on the side. I had seen several people in the town carrying open cartons, which looked like they were holding about 4 dozen eggs, so it seems like they go through their eggs, … and you can buy baby chicks at the market, bring them home, raise them and I guess eat them. I was  too squeamish to ask.

Don’t forget an EGG contains an average of 200 mg cholesterol, and the daily allotted amount that you should have is 300 mg (or 200 mg if you’re having heart issues)…. so you best watch your meat and dairy intake that day!  Your body is fighting to clear out your arteries constantly, give it a break!  Check out Emily’s video! Bite Size Vegan The Great Egg Conspiracy       We all need more education!!

There are always salads at the cafes, rice and vegy stir fry’s, sushi…. there was a korean place in Antigua too but we never did get to it. To start my days, I would often make toast with jam with slices of banana on top, and eat an apple…..

…and while I waited at the Airport for my connecting flight, I ate a mediterranean salad, drank water, and a guava smoothie….. when I ask if there are dairy products in whatever that I am looking at, I found people to be helpful, to be eager to help … thus far, I have not had any negative remarks or comments.  And during the flight, I drank lots of apple juice, water, tea, ate the peanuts, and I would come prepared and have, for example, a bag of mixed nuts and seeds, maybe some bananas or apples depending which airport I was at…. there are even mixed salads that you can bring on board after you have gone through customs and are near your gate ….. there was even a nice green salad with cucumbers and tomatoes during the flight which I could eat!! We need more of that!!

Check out  Veganism is one step closer where the Huffington Post explains that Veganism is one step closer to becoming a Human Right in Ontario, Canada.

“Does your worldview include a deep respect for animals and their rights? Do you choose to opt out of using and consuming animal products for ethical reasons? Are you vegetarian or vegan for ethical reasons? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, your ethical beliefs are now one step closer to being protected under Ontario human rights law as a form of “creed,” thanks to years of work by Animal Justice.”  “Creed may also include non-religious belief systems that, like religion, substantially influence a person’s identity, worldview and way of life.”  “This would include a belief system that seeks to avoid causing harm to animals, like ethical veganism.”

“May all beings be free from suffering, May all beings be peaceful and free!”

Namaste……..   and Hasta Luego!!

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