~ Café Bohème and Animal Hero Kids ~

Today’s excursion took us to the Café Bohème, another very cool, funky, chill place to eat and drink and chat and catch up on e-mails…… or whatever else you do on-line.

We ate an “ensalada Linda” with plenty of lettuce, and apple slices and avocado, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds and raisins with the house vinaigrette. Chapada bread on the side, and of course a latte for me (soya milk) and a coffee for my friend. The food was excellent and so was the service.

The weather is beautiful in Antigua, warm, maybe 20 – 25 C, with a slight breeze, and as we walk through the streets, I find it all so very interesting how the people, the community go through their day….. just like in my community, the same, but different. Everybody has their role they play, except here it’s in a very old town…. founded in 1524, as the first capital in Guatemala. There are so many beautiful ruins, something I love very much! In 1944, the government declared Antigua a National Monument.  And in 1979, it was declared by the UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Currently, Antigua is home to approx. 35,000 people. It doesn’t feel like there are that many people here but I guess it could be like my town, a ski town, on any given busy weekend….in the mountains, in the wilderness….

The other thing I wanted to mention today were the Animal Hero Kids which I learned about through Bite Size Vegan. Emily is amazing, you’ll have to watch Bite Size Vegan Animal Hero Kids. Also Check out one of our young Heros, Thomas Ponce Animal Rights Activist who founded his own Lobbying Organization for Animal Rights. This young fellow of 15 is truly amazing and inspiring!  There are many others who started becoming active for animal rights at the age of 8!  Please help stop animal cruelty…. don’t eat animals and their products…. they want to live and thrive and be free, just like you and me!!  Thanks for reading, Buenos Noches!


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