~ Vegy Stuffed Pitas, Dirty Bananas and Wendy’s Black Bean Burgers ~

We found Rainbow Café yesterday and what a find!  Amazing in all realms! Such a funky, fun place to sit and eat and drink and catch up on some e-mails….

The pita stuffed with vegetables was amazing….tomatoes, lettuce, a few onions, humus, guacamole with a small side of cubed up cucumbers and peeled carrot strips and another little side of salsa…. salsa I could eat!  Yeah!  oh and a few nachos! This place was quite big, and airy, and there’s a small library you walk through before you get to the Café.

…then I discovered the Dirty Bananas, with vodka, rum, Kuhlua and a banana, so we each had one of those….. delicioso! It looks like there’s milk in the drink, but there isn’t. I think we spent about 3 awesome hours here, definitely a spot to return to!

I am also very excited because I just heard that Wendy’s has finally introduced their Black Bean Hamburger! I would love to try it and review it myself, see how it tastes! Without the mayo of course. And then I was told that Ben & Jerry’s have non-dairy ice-cream, and …. Hellman’s is making a vegan mayonnaise!!  How incredibly exciting is that! Things are starting to roll and the Vegan Movement is taking hold! I am more than excited…. and then there’s the caged-free hens that Tim Horton’s and Burger King will be using! Another step in the right direction at least! Unfortunately, it won’t be till 2025, that seems like such a long time from now! Their beaks will still be mutilated and they will still be slaughtered…. but maybe the awareness is what is needed!  I believe Change.org is seriously helping…. just keep on signing those petitions!  I am hoping for a quicker response and I will do my best to try and share veganism as much as I can….. Please do the same!! For now….

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr. ~


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