~ Natchos and Quesadillas from Antigua ~

Ola mi amigos! Que pasa? Well, I can tell you that the Natchos from Kafka are deliciosso!!

Such an incredible sauce, so incredibly delicious, I can’t even describe it, sorry…..but hidden underneath the sauce is refried beans and guacamole topped with green onions, and I think little chunks of fish, so we just tossed those to the side…. the natchos so crunchy….we’ll definitely be coming back to this place….. so much to discover though.

Just sitting on my friend’s luggage twirling the shoelaces from my runners around for the cat, Remi, to play with! Such a cutie!

So for dinner, we wandered into a place, sorry don’t have the name, I’m sure we’ll be wandering back into this place as well…. Antigua isn’t that big, well, about 35,000 people live here, (doesn’t seem like it though)…. you can walk from one end of Antigua to the other in about 20 min! … anyway, the quesadillas I ate were amazing and incredibly delicious as well…. beans and rice and spinach and guacamole were the insides of my tortillas!  with a little side of salad….


Needless to say, I ate the whole thing!  I was a little full from my earlier latte but that didn’t seem to get in the way of dinner!  I’ll be in Antigua, Guatemala for the week…. so more to come  …. how exciting! First time here!



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