~ Against Animal Cruelty and Banana Waffles ~

Last Saturday evening, I watched the screening of Vancouver Aquarium Uncovered at the public library. It’s a must see film exposing the truth on whales & dolphins in captivity.  They’re saying it’s a place of conservation and rescue….. it’s amazing how much corruption is happening, how many lies are swimming around… even the Park Board Commissioners don’t know the truth!  Gary, who put the film together, said it’ll be out on YouTube soon!  Awesome!  We have to shut down these places that imprison animals!! How would we feel to be trapped in our bedrooms forever!? You’d go insane!

This evening, I was out with some friends handing out flyers from “Vegan Outreach. It was cold out, 0 C! but we managed to get a few out there, until By-law came by and told us to stop. We were in Whistler, B.C., and it’s not public land, not like Vancouver, and so, you’re not allowed to hand out flyers!  Bummer!  It’s not going to stop me from putting up flyers though….. I have a list of places I can share them around!  if we can get a few people’s attention, that’s what counts!

I’ve been lovin’ listening to Bite Size Vegan on YouTube this past week, and I’ve noticed how her subscribers have gone up in numbers. I am so happy for her!!  She’s amazing, all fact based!

…and, just wanted to drop some photos of breakfast, so delicious, so yummy… I love breaky, even if it’s 2 p.m., or 9 p.m.

…my peanut butter toast has ground up flax seed sprinkled on it with slices of banana! And I cooked up my oats with almond milk then added blueberries (obviously), but I have also been adding cranberry sauce and cinnamon!  Can’t get enough of that right now!  And these Banana Waffles can be eaten as snacks whenever, just pop them into the toaster.

For these Waffles, just add:  1 3/4 C. non-diary milk,  1/2 C veg. oil (or 1/4 C. apple sauce),  2 C. whole wheat flour (or white, or 1/2 and 1/2),  1 tbsp. brown sugar,  4 tsp. baking powder,  1/2 tsp. salt (I don’t add salt),  1 banana mashed…. then cook for about 10 min. in your waffle maker!  Now add fruit and syrup galore!  So tastey!

I’ve been wanting to write in my blog for days and days!  Life is so busy, which is good! I just have too many things that I want to do, that’s all!  I have to give you my Banana Bread recipe, totally veganized and everyone loves it!  It’s fast and easy and sooo incredibly good!!  I’ve been sharing my Fat Slices of Banana Bread with clients and friends just to show them that eating vegan is easy and delicious!!  It is nothing short of delicious …..  I am having so much fun in the kitchen!

ENJOY the weekend, and THANKS for reading….. hugs, ktkickass!

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